Monday, August 3, 2009


Oh dear, what is this country coming to? I know many, many people want ISA to be abolished but surely there are other ways to make the intention known. I think the idea that if we come out in droves and threaten the peace is not the way. This act itself is the reason ISA was put in place!! Take that lone man who walked all the way to the istana and managed to hand in a 38 page meorandum to support ISA; don't you think he had the better idea? He even had time for a bowl of refreshment before the reporters got wind of his presence. Compare that to the thousands who seemingly are against ISA, causing shops and businesses to close down, causing me not to be able to go to my friend's daughter's wedding, causing thousands of people to be locked out of KL. My heart went out to my friend, who had the bad luck of planning his daughter's wedding on that day. Of all places to hold the reception, it was very,very near the march area. I think he must have thought that he'd better hold the wedding in a place easily accessible to family and kin; but it turned out to be the worst possible place to be in. Sigh....Kesian dia. Have yet to talk to him


Sizarifalina said...

kak han dear, i was stuck in the jam. And some cars did i!!! was like running away from a monster in an ultraman cartoon!!

The only child said...

We ended up in Bangsar and had Kari Kepala Ikan.....