Friday, August 7, 2009


I think it's about time I introduce my other half. After all, in the last few posts I've referred to him with wry humour as to his antics. Sorry darling, I just could not resist. A tribute it would not be because he is as normal as a regular joe, as I am as normal as regular jane. But for one who has put up with me all these years; he deserves a standing ovation. Even at times when my parents threw up their hands in despair at my latest pomposity, he is always there in the background, ready to calm me down or take me down a peg or two.

In the early years, of course, we would be at each other's throats constantly. During those times, murder was never far from our minds (as if!). It is really true what they say, give your marriage 5 years to build a foundation and another 3 to make it a real home. It's been 17 years and I can't remember the last time we had a real argument. Maybe because we each know how the other will react to our latest mischief that we alter the outcome in order to customise the reaction? Perhaps. But isn't this another example of being sensitive to the other's needs? Oh ya, maybe that's why when he asks about my monthly expenditure the answer is usually,"I spent a lot on grocery, the kids' school needs, McD, Pizza all for the children..." instead of "I bought new shoes, handbags, etc...." Hey, both answers are correct but he did not need to know both right? Opps... darling if you read this- I don't know what possessed me to write these things. No, my handbag is soooo old, can you get me a new one??? ;)

Sigh.... susah lah pulak. Nak puji ke nak ...? Doesn't matter, I am that confident in him that he will read this and laugh his head off. Kan darling, kan?? He knows this is his quirky and weird wife. It's taken him all these years to finally understand me, albeit his receding hairline and greying hair while my hair is still black and I actually look his age (by our friends' claim). Incidentally he is 8 years younger. Yup, he is a baby.... but my baby...and i love you to bits.

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