Saturday, August 15, 2009


Phew... it's only 4.00pm and I am soooooo tired. My day started out with a nutritious breakfast; courtesy of health concious mom-in-law. No nasi lemak, roti canai but whole meal bread with fresh milk steeped with dates, raisins kept in the fridge overnight. That's a good recipe for Ramadhan if anyone is interested. Better still if almonds, red dates and figs are added.
Anyway, after that we cleaned out the cats lair while MIL (mom-in-law) swept the kitchen. It's hard work not having the maid even for three days. At 11.00am took a shower and sent Imran to One U for his outing with his buddies. We gave permission reluctantly, with the H1N1 and of all days he wants to go out, today is his aunt's graduation day. Izza and I sent him right to McD, the rendezvous. Met with his friends and reminded them to behave.
Then i received a message from his aunt to pick her up in front of TV3 at 12.00pm to go to her convo. Incidentally she is also a finalist for the Gadis Melayu Season 2.

Comel kan??? So, Izza and I decided to have a second breakfast while waiting. Gosh, did we stuff ourselves at JJ's food court. Next brunch destination with baba. By the time she arrived it was 12.30 and it took us sometime to get out of One World Hotel parking lot.....I forgot where I put the car...hehehe.... As soon as she got into the car,"K Han, tolong hantar Nini ke UM dulu. Nanti biar Mak and Abang Yong gi later."
Ok sis, anything for you today. So we went home for her to get ready. MIL refused to go before she performs her Zohor prayers. Baba was not home yet. He and MIL will be the guests of SIL in the Graduation Hall. When SIL (sis-in-law) was ready, Izza and I sent her to UM. Luckily the jam was on the opposite lane. People leaving the morning session of the Convo. Dropped her right in front of the Dewan Chanselor. As we were leaving we saw a sign for an alternative route to Damansara. We took that and missed all the jam going out of the UM main exit.
On the way home, Baba called and I told him that I will send him and MIL later to attend the convo. Parking would be a nightmare. When we arrived home, he had arrived and was playing with his new toy - NOKIA N75 - courtesy of his boss-for achieving company target. After another 30 minutes, Izza and I were on the road again with another set of passengers. Baba and MIL sat at the back. Throughout all this, Izza was studying for her PMR Trials next week. It was that or adding details to SIL's flyers for getting votes. On the way home we stopped at the bookstore to add on a few workbooks for her.
Now, we have to shower and get ready to pick them up for a celebration dinner. It'll just be five of us. Imran is sitting this one out. Phew.........

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