Friday, August 14, 2009

Mummy and Bah

It was 9.00 am. I was in an MRSM in the East coast waiting to observe a teacher teaching when my phone rang. It was my Mummy. The conversation goes like this:
Mummy: Are you still in KB?
Me: Yes, what can I do for you?
Mummy: Can you get a pice of batik material to make a shirt for Bah?
Me: Why didn't you ask me yesterday? I'm leaving early tomorrow and I'll going to Mak's (my Mom-in-law) for the rest of the evening. By the time I get to the hotel dah malam.
Mummy: In that case please ask Mak to go get it. I need you to get it before you get home.
Me: Why this urgent? Nak beli kain ke nak beli baju nye?
Mummy: Actually, your Bah wants me to give him a present. Around RM200-RM300.
Me: Huh?
Mummy: So, boleh ke tak?
Me: I'll see what I can do......
To make the story short, yeah, I got it. Nice piece.

I reached home on Wednesday afternoon. Around 3.30pm Bah arrived at my house to pick up Tuti and Ilham to go to Banting and house-sit till Sunday. Mummy cannot stand leaving the house empty if they go away. So my maid will have to be in their house the duration they are away. And my son cannot be left on his own. So both have to go. Their maid has taken an extended leave (go figure). They are both going to Lumut for a convention (yup, busy people they are). So I gave Bah the batik. And the conversation goes like this:

Me: Bah, here.... Mummy asked me to get this for you. She is giving you a present.
Bah: Humph.... thank you. How much is this?
Me: Mana boleh cakap, present kan?
Bah: Do you know that I had to ask Mummy to give me this present?
Me: (hah? apa hal pulak ni? Lain macam je bunyi) What's the story?
Bah: At first I hinted to your mother - Mummy, over the years I have given you so many things, everything, I have given you a plot of land that costs RM1.8 million, I have let you collect all the rent from all the houses and apartments, on top of that I give you money to spend every month. But you have never given me anything. You know what your mother answered?
Me: Er..... what?
Bah: Of course she said thank you. But that's it. So after a few days I hinted again; this year i gave you 65 red roses for your 65th birthday. But you didn't give me anything for my birthday. GIVE ME a present la...... then only she got the hint. That was Tuesday morning. Tu yg dia immediately call you.
Me: Oh.... you mean she didn't give you anything for your birthday? We gave you something didn't we?
Bah: Ya.... her birthday, I kena belanja makan, my birthday pun I kena belanja makan...ingat tak?
Me: er... ya....Kesiannya Bah
Izza: (She was there the whole time) Tok Bah.... Teruknye Tok Mi....
(She's his favourite grandchild by the way and Imran is Mummy's, Ilham is everybody's)
Me: Well, I am not surprised. that's Mummy for you. Kalau nak apa-apa she does not take hints. Kena cakap terus depan-depan.
Bah:...hahahaha.... I have lived with her 45 years, tapi she never got the hint.

OMG..... kesiannya Bah. Actually we all always feel sorry for him. My mom is the dominant half of the partnership. He always refers to her to make decisions. But theirs is a tongue in cheek relationship. There's a lot of give and take - him give, she take. That's why she has become quite spoilt over the years. OMG....Please, please don't read this Mummy and Bah.

Many a major decisions have to go through the 'Queen'. And any decisions involving monetary issues will have to go through a vetting process, PMI, etc. Not to mention binding contractual agreements of payments - on paper!! She has millions (literally) in the banks and yet, her favourite phrase is, "Eh...I have no money la..." Ask your father/grandfather. And Bah's answer is always, "Nanti saya bincang dengan Mummy/Tok Mi awak.." and the cycle continues. Sigh....
Imran and Tok Mi (Egypt Trip)Imran and Izza Izza and Tok Bah

But since my brother's passing, Mummy has mellowed down a lot. But old habits die hard. Last year, she and Bah took Izza and Imran to Egypt for 10 days and this year they plan to take the kids to Turkey. What about me??? My best friend came up with the perfect answer," they've given up on you. Tu la....rebellious sangat" Too true my friend, too true. But I am not abandoning my filial duties. Don't worry.

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