Thursday, August 6, 2009


Remember those kittens? 3 little orphans they are. But at the rate they are being treated, they are better off than having a mother. Well, for one thing, Baba is forever on my case asking whether the kittens have been fed, their litter cleared, their cage cleaned and so on and so on... But it's been fun taking care of them. Everytime I come out of the kitchen with a kitty bottle, they get all excited and climb all over me or whoever's feeding them. They fight dirty too, scratching and hissing at each other to get to the bottle. In the end we got another kitty bottle. Then we weaned them, :( , I missed them cuddling up to me during feeding times. Now Baba is all excited to get them the best kitten food in the market. At RM30 per 400gms!!!! And a brush to keep their fur sleek and tangle free. Macam pure breed - padahal mixed breed je.
Kesian juga Izza n Imran, clean the cage, clear the litter box, (Oh not forgetting Tuti), masak bubur nasi - oh ya, 2 weeks ago one of the kittens (Rock - short for Rottweiler - ask Izza why) had diarrhea..... ohhhhh baba panicked; "Izza! Get on the Internet and search for how to care for kittens with diarrhea, bahaya tau, boleh mati kalau tak jaga, kena pergi vet ni...bla bla bla..." Izza found that giving them rice porridge with chicken helps to ease their stomachs and control their fecal state. So baba ordered mummy to make the porridge for the kittens. Luckily it worked. So they got fed rice porridge for two weeks. And don't forget to clean the bowls after every feeding. Baba's orders. Now, if you are wondering what Baba actually did during the hiatus caring for the kittens? I wonder myself...hahahahaha


Anonymous said...

exactly wondering myself ma... we have to ask him to read this... haha kidding ba, i love you ba!! kidding.....

The only child said...

hahaha... have already invited him. Ntah bila dia free nak baca tu