Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Eldest

I said to my other half, since i had dedicated a post for him, my next three posts will be of the children. So Iwill begin with the eldest - Izza Khaleeda. My princess. The one and only rose among the thorns. She is a joy to be had.

I had started to write this post some time ago.

Today, 21st October 2009....

Izza has finally completed her PMR exams. Good for her. She actually studied hard. Studying has always been a concept I can never get. I was never a good student. That's why I am pleasantly surprised that Izza is actually a studious person. Phew.... that's one thing I am glad she did not get from me. Throughout her studying period she was treated like a princess. All the more with the endorsement of her father. Yes Izza, no Izza, of course you can sit there the whole day with your books while we run around you at your service Izza. Yup, that was exactly how it was for awhile.
But it was certainly worth it. Based on my friends checking her answers, they said she did pretty well. We hope she'll get more than 4As. So, now that PMR is over, you'd think her princess reign is over. It was over, for awhile till yesterday. My darling, adorable but clumsy daughter sprained her ankle while crossing the road!!!! Innalillah.... It was lucky that there was no speeding car in the picture. Her ankle was all swollen. Coincidentally it happened about the time I left the office. SIL called me and I picked them up and we went straight to the clinic. Now, she has to keep off that foot. The princess is back......
Other than that, I have to admit, Izza is a gem of a daughter. Er....most times. Always willing to give a hand. But kids will be kids. Sometimes I forget that and expect her to behave and act like a grown up. Well, it doesn't help when she towers over me and looks so much more mature than her age. That, she gets from her father. The height and physical maturity. No wonder she's Baba's girl. He's always telling me that Izza has isuues with me and has confided in him. But at the end of the day, we resolve our issues and carry on to being mummy and daughter amicably. Ok Izza?

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