Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harry Potter & THBP

Finally it's here; so the family decided we have to go and watch it. Never mind that we did not watch the most talked about movie - Transformers 2, but HP is NOT to be missed. It's a family tradition since we have watched all the HP movies together.

A new twist to the tradition, this time we will bring Ilham - the third. He has ADHD and has difficulty sitting still for more than 5 minutes. He also does not like being in the dark and will get anxiety attacks at the end of movies/programmes when the screen goes blank and the credits roll up. He will scream, put his fingers in his ears and run to the kitchen and bangs the door shut.

So it was a difficult decision to make. Why do we want to bring him? He absolutely loves Harry Potter!! He watches all the movies on DVD over and over and over.

Anyway, Baba says he will be fully responsible for Adik (Ilham). If he screams or fusses in the cinema hall, baba will take him out and keep him occupied till we come out. So the big day came... there were 8 of us. When we entered the hall he panicked and put his fingers in his ears. Baba hugged him and calmed him by chanting, "Adik, nanti ada Harry Potter" all the way to our seats. He calmed down a little to explore the new surroundings and sensations. Most of the time however, his fingers were in his ears and his head was way down in his seat.
It wasn't until he heard HP's theme song did he take his fingers out and settle down somewhat. Then he almost shouted,"Harry Potter!!" (with a pronounced P- imagine saliva spewingout) ;) Now comes another tricky part, keeping him in his seat. Everytime there's an intense scene like a fight- he jumps and says"OHHHH" or when they are clapping on the screen, he claps and calls out to each and everyone of us to clap with him.
Then he got bored, so Baba went out to get popcorn, he took my shawl and laid down on the floor, "Tido" until Baba got back. I feel sorry for the people in front and behind us. But all in all it was a good outing. That was a week ago, and till yesterday, Adik kept on and on about,"Mummy, Harry Potter, jom?"
Adik, Harry Potter dah letih berlakon, dia nak tido.......

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Anonymous said...

hahaha ma, izza here, funny entry. adik adik... okiess... i dont know what to say except... HAHAHA so yeahhhhhh..,,,,,, byez!!!!!!!!!!!