Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dead of winter

In the 80's when thousands of Malaysians were sent overseas to study, I was one of the lucky ones. In those days it doesn't take much to qualify..... I got a grade 2 in my SPM but I managed to secure a scholarship to do TESL. Yang itu yang senang..Since English ku POWER!!! And at the time short of English teachers.
Anyway just remembered about an experience during the dead of winter. The thing is, I was sent to Univ of Minnesota. The location of the state of Mn is called the midwest. And we have 6 months of snow, and 6 months of almost snow. Summer still needs a jacket. 6 feet of snow in November is normal. So this one time during Xmas hols me roomies and I decided to have a video marathon since the weather forecast predicted a blizzard. We rented dozens of videos, camped in front of the TV and watched, cooked, ate, watched, cooked, ate until there was nothing to watch and eat. The last things in the fridge were veggies. We boiled and ate them like mangga and colek but with chili n tomato sauce. By the time we opened our front door, after much pushing because the snow had piled up over the two days (oh ya... two whole days of videos), we emerged dazed and disoriented....macam orang baru keluar dari gua bertapa
hehehe.. oh well, you had to be there to get it. :)

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