Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rest In Peace, dear Brother

There were two of us and now there is only one. My brother and I had the typical sibling rivalry thingy growing up. The sad thing is we never grew out of it. As a result, we were never close and never made the effort to be. We took pride in the fact that we could only stand each other for short periods of time and fought for longer.

Too many issues unresolved. Too many regrets. Too many words unsaid. Too many, many, many.... When I hear my children bickering I choke up. Reminds me too much of arwah and I. And I tell them to appreciate each other before it's too late. So far it's not getting through their thick skulls but what do they know? It's almost 2 months since he's passed on and I am still looking for closure. For peace... for a sign that all is well between us. I remember saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.." over and over as though hoping he'd get up and say..."It's ok..It's ok.."

Go in peace my brother... May God bless you.

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