Friday, June 27, 2008

Farewell speech

Today the ladies at the office gave a farewell party for a colleague. It so happens the said colleague was a teacher of mine during secondary school. I have known her since I was 14. As one or the organisers for the event I took it upon myself to be the emcee. When I started to think of the opening speech tears began to well up. And that was even before I tapped the keyboard!
I called a friend halfway through the speech draft; help!! I am an emotional wreck!! I was sobbing away reminiscing our time together. Get a grip, my friend said. You need to be strong.
I have always been a confident speaker and emcee for any occasion. People call me because of my voice. But today, as i greet the attendees it broke... after the first paragraph, i broke down but i kept on till the end. and what did the celebrated colleague do... put on her sunglasses to hide her tears. And cursed me in her speech for wrecking her emotions as well.
I reached out to the friends gathered just now with my speech. They felt the same too. At the end of my speech, the air was charged with emotions.
man's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and farewell. This was reflected in the faces of ppl who were there today.

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