Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome home, ILHAM

So Ilham is home...yeay...I am ecstatic. Haven't seen him for a month or so. I missed him like crazy. Imiss his handsome face, his whining, his tantrums...I am sure he misses me too. That was what I thought.

He arrived at 2.30 am after a long car journey with MIL and brother IL. When he got off the car he sounded happy as a lark. MIL was complaining about multiple body aches and pains. He didn't rush at me like a long lost lover, instead he tried to dodge my wide open arms and puckered lips. Sigh..... But I managed a chaste kiss on his cheek. I was rewarded with a giggle, but no to a hug. I decided to bide my time and catch him in a corner and kiss him senseless soon.
By the next day, it was quite clear he prefers to live with MIL than with us. This was demonstrated by his constant whining to "balik kampung". Every time we made contact he would look me in the eye and say, "Mummy, balik kampung." "Ok, adik, nanti balik kampung ye." "MUMMY, BALIK KAMPUNG....EHHHHHHHHH!!!", "Adik tak nak duduk sini ke?", "MUMMYYYYYY, BALIK KAMPUNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!"
So, I bought the tickets for him and MIL. On top of showing how much he prefers to be in the kampung, he obeys MIL whenever she says anything to him. But not me. SIGH......
I do see a lot of improvement in him though...he can spell words - S-A-N-D-W-I-C-H and he says, ROTI..hehehe...cute. But he got P-A-P-A-Y-A & STRAWBERRY correct. And he actually wants to wear underwear all the time now. Hooray!!
The reason he prefers to be with MIL is simple, there he is the centre of attraction. MIL is at his beck and call 24/7. In the afternoons he has playdates. His aunts and cousins (several times removed) will come and play with him outside the house. If not MIL will send him to their house to play. Or he will go to the great grandaunt's house and bug her. twice a week he gets to eat at his favourite restaurant. Everyday either morning or evening, he is driven around by MIL. And they all worship him. Lucky bugger. In our house, he is not the centre of attraction. So there's the dilemma. Oh well, as long as he is happy. And soon he will attend school for the special kids. Apparently he is very excited about it.
As a mother, I only want what's best for him. I am sad that he does not want to stay with me, but I understand his needs. And I understand that someone like him does not possess sensitivities that are necessary for social functions. And no matter how many times I will break down thinking about it, I will be strong. I will accept that he is better off with MIL than with me.
Baba, I need your shoulders to be dry and smelling nice for the next couple of weeks....

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