Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being socially responsible

This is for someone out there who has a thing or two to learn about being socially responsible. Firstly, when you make plans to go somewhere, make sure you know the exact venue. My place or your place? Or someone elses house? Or somewhere neutral (the mall, a restaurant, etc). Secondly, get the date and time correct. Tomorrow or today? Yesterday? Too late, it's today already. What? half an hour from now? Where? 45 minutes drive away? Crazy or what??? Oh, another thing... you are hitching a ride from a friend? And what's that? Your phone is out of battery? Eh? You are not sure when and where to meet? Huh? I send you to her house which is in the opposite direction of the party house, which happens to be just 5 minutes drive from our house? What? You did not charge your phone? Try using the my phone, your friend must be frantic, trying to arrange where and when. What? You forgot her number? Put your SIM card in another phone..there you go, 13 missed calls from her. Don't inconvenient people like this.'s ok, it's just her driver. Still, he is a person, waiting for instructions. Let's go already...they've been waiting for more than 10 minutes. What? She said wait at home? She'll come pick you up? But we're halfway to the meeting point!! Oh alright...tell them we'll wait here. (5 minutes later)..Look, it's not the driver, it's her father....hope you feel guilty for inconveniencing them....Have fun at your party....Sigh...Next time learn from these mistakes.

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SiZ said...

some how i think i experienced this too and i was the driver!!