Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A new year has come and as with the norm, it comes with many new resolutions. This time around, no resolutions will be made. just as I had told a cousin, no matter what resolution you make early in the year, it will fizzle out after a few months. So, 2010 here's to a year with no resolutions.

Nonetheless, many things will change and many will remain the same. With Izza in Form 4 and Iman in F2, the focus on their academics will be more serious. As of today they have tuition every evening but Wednesday. And on Saturdays, Iman has drum and Science tuition, while Izza has her guitar. Oh wow.... busy, busy, busy....

At the moment Imran is back in Kelantan with MIL. We still have not gotten a maid to repalace Tuti. But things are fine. I find that to a certain extent I enjoy doing housework. Keeps me fit and there is satisfaction when I look at the result of my work. Now, I am wondering if dear, old hubby is purposely not taking in a new maid because of my efficiency. Maybe......

Well, everyday is hectic. In the office and at home. I miss Ilham though. But there is no one to mind him at home right now so he has to be at MIL's.

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