Monday, January 25, 2010

Hm...what do you say to a person who tries to make up for accusing you for not doing your work in front of people and then turns around and goes thru someone else NOT to apologise but to demonstrate that you are not wrong after all. Get me??

Of course, as a "leader" you have license to say or do whatever you want to your subordinates but surely some measures of humanity and respect are necessary.... Oh boy, and I thought we had gotten rid of one 'mafia boss' to be replaced with a 'mafia wannabe'. He thinks he is tough but underneath all that steel exterior is just a lump of nerves with no direction. His attempts at being hard and unbending are not convincing at all. At best I think he is a joke of a man who really does not know what he wants to focus on. Oh yes, his weakness is favouritism..... Yeay.. to those who suck up to him and ...Nay... to people who don't. The thing is, he truly believes that people who are 'close' to him are the people who actually do work and those who aren't close to him don't do work. Which admin school did he go to???? URGH........

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