Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ilham - better known as Adik. Is 11 years old this year. This was taken on 11/10/09 a day after his actual bday. A week after Hari Raya he had gone back to KB with MIL and SIL. He got all excited flying on MAS. SIL kept quoting to him 'Adik, kita naik MAS'...hahaha...he answered, 'Malaysia Airlines' to her consternation. You see, Adik has ADHD with limited vocabulary. To this day he is only able to string 2 -3 word sentences at a time. However, he can be very observant and sharp; when he wants to be. So he was in KB for about two weeks. At first he was soooo happy to be the centre of attention of MIL, SIL and a great aunt. Everyday he gets to eat his favourite dishes (except Maggi and such), literally spoon fed and hand fed. Bathed and groomed, attended to and all the trappings of a spoiled brat. But after a week or so, he started to whine for Baba... OF ALL PEOPLE.....why not Mummy??????????
Many a nights I sit wondering...WHY??????
He would cry out for Baba....that was a sign, time with grandma is about to come to an end. So we got tickets for Air Asia and he got excited all over again. Adik has this affinity with vehicles. Any kind, as long as he can ride in it. A 14 hour journey is heaven for him. An 8 hour journey by bus is not enough. Once, when he got down from the bus from KL to KB, he whined to get back on the bus and continue the journey to where, he doesn't care. So we try to let him experience as many rides as he can. There are still a few he has not tried : boats, trains, cable cars, motorbikes. Insyallah, we will find ways for him to.
My heart weeps for his condition but sings at God's mercy for bestowing me this child that brings such joy in my life. Oh yes, we fight a lot.... he is a very, very demanding person. Not just for my attention, for material things too. Food especially. But never a day goes by that I do not smile at his latest antics and discoveries. Much of what we take for granted go beyond his understanding. A 'No' for any request is not final for him. In fact a 'No' is not an acceptable answer until he gets a 'Yes'. He will keep asking, over and over ....
'Mummy, pizza?' 'No, adik, no pizza.'
'Mummmmmyyyyyy, Pizzaaaaaaaa?' 'No',
'wuaaaaaaaaaaa......mummyyyyyyyyyyy, pizzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!'
'(sigh)...ok adik, jom pizza'
that is a normal conversation with him. Not, 'Hi mummy, how was your day at work?' I'd jump to the rooftop in shock and joy, if one day, that's the greeting from him when I come home from work. Until then, 'Mummy, KFC?'

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